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Wound Care
Wound care

If you have a dressing over your incision, it should be kept clean, dry. Please remove the dressing 10 days after your procedure. Do not wait longer than 2 days to remove the dressing.


Swelling and bruising is common when undergoing your procedure. This will subside after a few weeks. To mitigate pain and swelling, try elevating your arm above your heart.

Post Op Showering

Once your dressing has been removed you may shower. Please ensure you gently pat the incision dry rather than rub. Do not use any lotions over the site.


For the first 5 days, you may have a small amount of bleeding or oozing from the incision. Place a light dressing over the incision so that the bleeding doesn't stain any clothes.


Effective pain relief is commonly achieved with regular Paracetamol 2 tablets, 4x/ day. If you have any allergies or adverse reactions that may prevent you from taking prescribed medications, ensure you have discussed this with your Anaesthetist and follow their advice.


  • Avoid putting any pressure on your arm
  • Rest, follow your diet and take your medications
  • Never wear a watch, tight sleeves, elastic bands or bracelets over your graft/ fistula
  • Never carry heavy loads (purse or shopping bags) across your graft/fistula
  • DO NOT sleep on your graft/fistula
  • DO NOT have your blood pressure taken on your graft/fistula arm
  • Never use your graft/fistula for blood draws or IV drugs


If you have any questions in the period after (or prior to) your surgery, or if you notice any of the following conditions: painful or red wounds, increasing pain, or swelling, please contact our office at any time.


If you have any concerns and are unable to reach out offices, please contact the hospital and ask them to contact Dr Theivendran directly. For urgent concerns requiring immediate attention, please present to your nearest hospital's casualty department, for emergent assessment.

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