Wound Care
Post Op Wound Care

If you have a bandage on your groin, it will remain there after your discharge from the hospital. Please remove the dressing on the 3rd day after your surgery.

Any small bandages on your legs may start to lift off. Simply trim the ends, and leave the remaining bandage to fall off on its own.

Post Op Stocking

Your stockings must be worn for a total of 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks, these stocking must be worn continuously, day and night. For the 3rd and 4th week they need only be worn during the daytime. This time period may be shortened, but Dr. Mayo will specifically inform you if this is the case

Post Op Showering

Stockings should be removed when showering. Only gently wash the legs and pat dry to avoid removing any bandages.

We strongly recommend AGAINST swimming, taking a bath, or soaking your legs while the bandages are in place.

Post Op Discomfort

Effective pain relief is commonly achieved with regular Paracetamol 2 tablets, 4x/day & Ibuprofen 200mg 3x/day (with meals) for the first 5 days after your surgery (or as directed by your Anaesthetist). If you have any allergies or adverse reactions that may prevent you from taking these medications, ensure you have discussed this with your Anaesthetist and follow their advice.

Post Op Mobility

We encourage you to walk often (at least once an hour) in the days after your surgery. Walking will help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Walk at a comfortable pace. When seated, elevate your legs on a foot stool. Strenuous activities or sports should be avoided for the first 4
weeks following your surgery.

Post Op Travel

We advise AGAINST any long-haul travel (>4hrs) for the first 2 weeks after your surgery.

You may return to driving one week after your surgery (if you are comfortable in doing so).

Post Op Bruising

Bruising on the legs is common after your surgery and often becomes slightly worse in the first week afterwards.

Bruising will resolve and subside, but commonly takes 6-8 weeks to completely resolve.


If you have any questions in the period after (or prior to) your surgery, or if you notice any of the following conditions: painful or red wounds, increasing pain, or swelling, please contact our office at any time.


If you have any concerns and are unable to reach our offices, please contact the hospital and ask them to connect to Dr. Theivendran directly. For urgent concerns requiring immediate attention, please present to your nearest hospital’s casualty department for emergent assessment.

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